Delicious handmade, hand-delivered tea.

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Deliciously fresh tea delivery in Tucson, Arizona.

Transit Tea is along for the ride, exploring all over Tucson, Arizona, to bring delicious tea directly to you. We stock our tea truck every morning with half-gallons made with high grade loose leaf tea, ready to deliver to wherever you are on your journey.


We found a way to package and deliver deliciously fresh tea right to your home, your office, your party, or your home office party. No need to worry about a middle man, or a stale gallon on the grocery store shelf. This is cold, refreshing tea, with high quality, natural ingredients and flavors. If you see our custom outfitted truck around Tucson, tag us online and let us know where to stop next.


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We deliver amazing cold tea by the half-gallon, made fresh daily to most parts of the Tucson “valley”. Below is a map of our delivery area. Quantities are very limited, so our teas are first come—first served. Please place a request to the right and we will contact you to set up a drop-off time and complete the order.

call/text: (520) 477-8327



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Happiness is a journey. Transit Tea is just along for the ride.

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